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Quail Valley Gun Range & Ranch

Quail Valley Gun Range & Ranch

**Housekeeping for this post**:
I will post  Google Earth KMZ files at the end of this post.

Update to the Range Fees- 01/31/18 - This range is temporarily closed. The county has requested additional permitting requirements and are in process of completion.

So I posted a review and my thoughts on BLM land previously with an overwhelming response. After that review and postings in various groups on Facebook, I received a private message from Kythe, (Ky), from the Quail Valley Gun Range and Ranch, just outside Holister, Ca. He explained that it was a private ranch set up by the ranch owner Jeff for his personal range.  Jeff has since decided to open it up to more long range shooters but only if he had qualified people to help, RSO's. Jeff does have a working ranch to run.
That is where Ky and Mike come in. I met Ky and Jeff the day I went out and I might be wrong on Mikes name, so I am sure someone will correct me if that is wrong.
All distances ranged with a Kilo 2000 and are within 1-2 yds. accurate.

Image below is the meat of the range.

1000 & 1100 yd. For the camera nuts, this was shot at 600mm from the bench.

600 , 800 and steel pig

100, 200, 200 circles, 400 and 600 yd.

So to get access, you need to call a number to set a date and time for availability. Info at the bottom of this post.
Once that is set up you just come out that day and meet at the ranch gate. The road deadends into a big green gate. Someone will meet you to open the gate and you just follow them in to the range.

Price: $50.00 Half Day / $80.00 Full Day
Rifle and Pistol available.

The Range: Steel at 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1100 yds. At 200 next to the stand are steel circles 4-6 inches. At 800 to the right of the stand, about 25 yds., is a metallic silhouette pig also.
The steel at 100 is about an 8" circle. 200 - 400 is 12x12 "and  600 - 1100 is 24x24.

The Bench: The bench is 1 long bench with 4 cut outs for 4 shooters. If prone is your thing, you can set up in front of the benches. Obviously prone is if no one is on the bench. The bench area is covered.
The bench is framed in steel and the top is a composite rubber just like what they use on school running tracks.

There are not many amenities as this is still a work in progress.
There is a Porta Potty, 2 picnic tables, running water and electricity was just about complete.

They are also in process of building a cabin, house, next to the range. It is intended to be a rental for overnight stays and also double as a classroom.
As you can see by the image below, it is close to being finished but I have no timeline for completion.

They have a small pistol area set up to the right of the bench with steel and have target stands for paper.

This is a range I plan to come to at least once a month, if not more.
It is better than BLM or other public lands because they have things set up and a bench.
If you want to come out for long range and bring pistols and AR type weapons, you can easily make a day of it.
They have no plans to make this a membership range at this time and is not even in Jeff's plans.
Jeff does have a lot of thoughts of what to add or not add but at this time it is just a place to shoot for practice or load development.

Quail Valley Gun Range & Ranch

Google Earth KMZ file - HERE  Download if you have Google Earth.
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