Tumey Hills - Part 2

Tumey Hills Gate 2

The KMZ files at the end of part 1 and part 2 is a zip file. Both links on part 1 and 2 are the same file. No need to download it twice.
The program to use with these KMZ files is Google Earth or Google Earth Pro.
Download the zip file.
Extract the zip file to someplace you will remember.
Go to that directory where you unzipped the files and click on each file and it will install to Google Earth.
They will show in the left pane at the very bottom as temporary places.
Right click each temporary place and use Save to My Places.
If you do not do this, the temporary places will delete when the program is closed.
If that happens, just go to your download directory and reinstall the kmz files.

This is part 2 of my review of Tumey Hills Gate #2.
Please see part 1 for Tumey Hills Gate 1 and Panoche Hills.
Complete KMZ file link, for all locations and range distances is at the end of the article on part 1 and 2.
Directions, the back way, from Panoche Hills to Gate 2 are posted in part 1.

From gate 1 at Tumey Hills, continue on down the dirt road for about 4.5 miles. Gate #2 is 6.5 miles in from I5.
both sides of the road are shooting areas. one side has the gate. and the other is a widened out area, like a parking lot, with a fence to the shooting area.
Access to this is by a V gate, probably to keep livestock in.

Gate 2.

Right behind me is the other shooting area.
Not my car. Other people were there hunting rabbits.

If you use the KMZ files supplied at the end of this article, you can zoom right in on this location.
Tumey Hills Gate 2 is the layer for this area. Use all of the KMZ files to get the entire overview.
Lets start with the main gated area.
This area is HUGE and flat. I could range distances out to 1286 yards..
This area is extremely flat and trying to figure out safe angles probably is possible, but I didn't drive in and look around. As you can see by the pictures above, the sun was hiding behind the hills and getting dark fast.
Lets start with Target and Range Line 5 KMZ layer.
Shooting just off the road to a hill ranges 392 yards. I know people shoot to that hill because there is a flat rock or target in the middle of it with all kinds of marks on it.

This spot I am not sure of. You would be shooting to a road on top of that hill, but couldn't tell if the road was hidden behind the hill.
I didn't drive out because, 1. It was the end of the day and 2. there were hunters walking the flats for rabbits. I didn't want to screw with their hunt.
Zoomed in from the gate.

Long view from the gate area.

Target 6 / Range Line 6 is 1109 yds. This has problems too. There is a road right under the targets.
I ranged it and low and behold there are target stands on the side of the hill.

Zoomed in view of the targets.

Target 7 / Range Line 7 KMZ file

The final long range shot is 1286 yds. Problem here too. The same road as above is right under the hill.
I didn't take pictures of that hill, but as I was driving out, that hill had targets on it too.
This side of the road has possibilities for long range if you can get out there and look around and work out the angles without shooting at or over a road.

Across the street is the other shooting area. As I stated above, it is a parking lot with a fence for lifestock. The access is to the left of the roof with a rail.
It is a V opening so livestock can't get out.
This is KMZ files - Target and Range line 1 - 4.
Target 1 is 255 yards and can be stretched a little up the hill.
Target 2 is 231 yards can be stretched up the hill.
Target 3 is 243 yards and can be stretched up the hill.
Target 4 is 280 yards and can be stretched up the hill for a good bit. Just remember you have to walk up the hill to check targets.
Over all, this spot would be great for 200 yrds and a little more for sighting in or just plain practice.

Tumey Panoche KMZ ZIp File For Google Earth